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Dolce Extravanganza


Although Extravaganza is usually applied to an elaborate, spectacular entertainment or musical display, at Dolce, we believe it is the perfect word to describe our famous dessert buffets, displayed at large & impressive celebration or event. Every fanciful presentation is adapted individually in order to satisfy every person’s taste. This is a trendy way to impress your friends & family at your wedding, birthday party, baby shower or any special celebration.


Every person will be tempted to try more than one thing, and that is the whole idea of the Dolce Extravaganza. The excessively elaborated buffet includes a large variety of cakes, pies, bite size desserts & sweets so that every guest can enjoy different flavors & textures. We have designed three different themes we believe will adapt perfectly to every celebration: the Tropical & Exotic table, le Haute Chic Buffet & La Tavola Dolce. Don’t hesitate from asking for a customized Dolce Extravaganza.